Up your SUP game and start flying over the water with a foil by Starboard. The technology, borrowed from more familiar foil sports like kit boarding and sailing enables more speed than what’s possible on a standard SUP and makes small waves not only ride-able but playful. TheStarboard Hyper Foil’s design make it a board that can grow with you – well suited for a newbie learning to foil as well as more experienced and progressive riders. The board is made to excel in all conditions from flat-water pump foiling to wave riding and downwind racing.

Starboard is a Certified B Corporation that doesn’t just push the technological designs of it’s boards, but is pushing the envelope in what environmental initiatives and considerations a company can have. The brand strives to not only be the best in the world but also the best FOR the world. They have calculated their plastic footprint and built a plastic offset program. They’re not carbon neutral, they’re carbon positive… going back in time. Starboard is balancing its carbon footprint for its entire 25 years of business.

Starboard’s list of sustainable design innovations is impressive. The board fins are made from 70% recycled material including industrial yarn and old fishing nets. The Carbon Balsa boards are made with renewable and sustainably sourced balsa. Pine Tek boards are made from 100% PEFC certified Australian Pine. The list of design sustainability efforts goes on, and you can check them out on Starboard’s Eco Innovation page.

The company’s environmental website, Starboard Blue, details a long list of other initiatives including sharing environmental hacks, efforts to push legislative regulations on single-use plastic, partnering with schools to teach about the impact of pollution, participating in waterway cleanups, and partnering with numerous companies and nonprofits to clean, educate and protect.

Images via Starboard. Pricing accurate at time of publication.

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