The kitschy yet foreboding artwork designed by Honorata van den Akker on the covers of the Human vs. The Earth Limited Edition Rockbooks by Paper On the Rocks are a clever forewarning of what could come if we don’t continue to invest in more environmentally-friendly practices. The inside of the notebook should be just as strong of a reminder. Made from stone paper, the Rockbooks are made primarily from construction rubble and other stone waste, do not require the use of any trees or water to make, require no hazardous solvents and their printing process is CO² neutral.

Earth Walk Notebook

Paper On the Rocks is a Certified B Corporation based in the Netherlands with a uniquely activist mentality. They hope to challenge and spur change in the paper industry which has been a significant polluter for quite some time. The company also donates 5% of profits to reforestation efforts and natural reserve protection initiatives.

Images via On The Rocks. Pricing accurate at time of publication.

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