You want to get your dad something nice for Father’s Day. And ideally, you want to get him something that is made with ethical and sustainable practices, from a company that’s really trying to make the world a better place. No problem.

Not only are these great gift ideas made by B Corporations and Social Impact companies, but they are truly awesome gifts that any dad will enjoy and be grateful to receive.

Bureo Jenga
[photo: Bureo]


Bureo is on a mission to protect our oceans by eliminating fishing net pollution. They collect fishing nets from the ocean and recycle them into new products like skateboards, sunglasses and this awesome Jenga® game. It’s the first board game made from 100% recycled fishing nets. Oh, and the packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Check out this video to see how Bureo does it:

[video: Bureo]

Beryl Laserlight
[photos: Beryl]


The most entertaining gift for a father may have been in the Austin Powers movie Goldmember when Dr. Evil’s son Scott finally gifts him sharks with frickin’ lasers attached to their frickin’ heads. While you may not be able to pull that off, you can get your pop a bike light with lasers.

And it’ll be much safer. The Beryl Laserlight projects 300 lumens of white LED light, while also using a laser to project an image of a bicycle on the road, achieving a 97% visibility in vehicle blind spots while riding in the dark.

Check out Beryl’s Laserlight video:

[video: Beryl]

Beryl is a Certified B Corporation that wants to build a better world through bikes. The company strives to inspire more people to enjoy life on a bike, and in turn, make cities a little more environmentally friendly.

[photo: TRIWA]

TRIWA HU39-L Humanium Metal Watch

TRIWA stands for Transforming the Industry of Watches. To do that, the company moves away from the traditional values of the watch industry and introduces new ones. The HU39-L is made of illegal weapons melted down to a metal TRIWA calls Humanium. The firearms are verified as seized from criminals in El Salvador, one of the countries most affected by gun violence in the world. 15% of each watch sold goes to IM, Sweedish Development Partner and their support to conflict-torn societies.

Red Duck Taco Sauce set
[photo: Red Duck]


Does your dad love tacos? Of course he does, who doesn’t? Any dad should be psyched to up his taco game with some healthy low sodium, low sugar, low junk taco sauces made from organic tomatoes grown in California. The flavors from Red Duck, a Certified B Corporation focused on providing organic sauces, are pretty great: Approachably Mild, Uniquely Korean and Actually Spicy.

Kammok Roo Double Hammock
[photo: Kammok


What Father’s Day gift is more classic than a hammock? The Roo Double Hammock by Kammok, a Certified B Corporation that supports young explorers, isn’t your old school rope hammock though. Nope, this baby is light, compact, strong and breathable. It’s as perfect for backyard lounging as it is for hammock camping. And at only 18 ounces, it’ll go with you anywhere. Double bonus – it’s big enough for two so you can hop in there with dad.

Comet Cruiser Skateboard
[photo: Comet]


Comet is all about making skateboards that are as good for the planet as they are for having fun. The sweet-looking Cruiser is made from sustainably harvested basswood and mahogany. It also uses a bio-based resin system that requires less energy and produces less harmful byproducts than conventional epoxies. Whether your dad currently skates or hasn’t touched a board in years, he’ll have a smile on his face when he hops on this eco-friendly ride.

Party in a Box
[photo: Real Oyster Cult]


For the dad who doesn’t want more stuff, get him the gift of good food and good times. Real Oyster Cult is a Certified B Corporation that supports sustainable oyster farming and will deliver them right to your door. The party in a box includes Hollander & de Koning mussels from Mount Desert Island, Maine, savory steamers from Maine, and oysters curated at the peak of seasonality.

One World Futbol
[photo: One World Play Project]


The One World Futbol was originally developed for kids living in harsh conditions like refugee camps where standard soccer balls don’t last long. With original R&D funding provided by international rocker Sting, the vision for the One World Play Project has grown to spreading play around the world while also supporting refugee communities, disaster relief and recovery and leveraging sport for development. 5% of the purchase of each ball is donated to organizations supporting these causes.

Good Food for Good BBQ Sauce
[photo: Good Food for Good]


What’s not to love about this BBQ sauce? Not only is it healthy, but every purchase helps feed a hungry person in need. Having already fed over 225,000 the founder of Good Food for Good has a goal of feeding 1 Million people by 2020. The Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce is made from 100% organic ingredients. It’s vegan, paleo and Whole30 approved, and it’s sweetened with dates instead of sugar. Enjoy!

Martin Jeff Tweedy Guitar
[photo: Martin & Co]


Martin & Co partnered with venerable Wilco singer and guitarist Jeff Tweedy to make its first Custom Artist model that is both beautiful and eco-friendly. This sustainable gem is FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL® (FSC®) CERTIFIED by the Rainforest Alliance, which ensures that the wood used comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Achieving its B Corporation Certification in 2018, this revered guitar company that’s been around for almost two centuries is showing B Corporation Certification isn’t just for new brands.

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