Bison Bites from Roam Free are healthy, organic jerky from a very cool small and independent business. The jerky is made from 100% grass-fed bison with organic spices and herbs. The original flavor has 9 ingredients, all of which are both recognizable as real food. Bison bites are missing a lot, in a good way, namely sugar, hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, gluten and soy. Loaded with protein, jerky has always made a fantastic snack to fuel any number of adventures, and Roam Free is providing a great healthy and organic option.

The original flavor is tender and tasty, and better than anything you’re going to find at a nearby convenience store for sure. From there, they start to get really creative with 3 flavors: Wood Fired Pizza, Moroccan Heat, and Thai Chili Ginger, which are unlike any other jerkey flavors you’ll find. They’re all great, and the Wood Fired Pizza in particular is off the charts delicious.

Bison Bites are made by Roam Free, a small business started by Jon Sepp and Brittany Masters. With no experience and a passion for bison, animal welfare and healthy food, they started Roam Free Ranch in Montana, a 300-acre ranch and partner with a neighboring property to raise their bison on 10,000 acres with Their mission is to restore bison to their home of Montana and regenerate native grasslands, all while providing natural and healthy bison products.

Learn more about this awesome team by checking out their Instagram feed – it’s one of the best out there. It’s great to see where you food comes from, in addition to getting ranch life glimpses of this fun and extremely hard working team. In their words, “It’s dirty work making clean Bison Bites.”

Check out this video to see Roam Free tell a bit of their story in their own words. Watching Bison run across the prairie just might be the most relaxing thing you do today….

Images via Roam Free. Pricing accurate at time of publication.

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