CAUSEGEAR’s Gray Denim Apron is a great addition to any man’s grilling arsenal. The denim looks both manly and contemporary – fit for your average backyard griller or high-end mixologist (Causegar actually positions this for business employees). And the durability of the denim means this apron can handle whatever your grill throws at it and should last a very long time, which we always love. Of key importance are the two front pockets, helping out with the familiar grilling challenge of having too many items to carry from the kitchen to the grill.

The best part of this apron is the values-driven company behind it. CAUSEGEAR provides hand-crafted apparel and accessories that support freedom from human trafficking, slavery and poverty by providing self-sustaining jobs for its crafters. A Chicago-based LC3 social enterprise, Causegear is certified by the Fair Trade Federation and Chicago Fair Trade. It is also a member of the Social Enterprise Alliance, American Sustainable Business Council, and Poverty Cure.

The apron is part of the MADE BY FREE WOMEN collection, which addresses the challenge of 70% of those in slavery being female. The collection is making a difference by empowering women with self-sustaining jobs in some of the world’s most impoverished places.

Photos provided by CAUSEGEAR. Pricing accurate at time of publication.

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