One of Worn Wear’s taglines is “If it’s broke, fix it.” This refers to used and loved gear and apparel that can still provide a useful life if simply repaired. There may be more to that phrase though. Could Patagonia’s resale arm also be making a commentary on the overall retail business?

If it's broke, fix it stickers

Worn Wear is Patagonia’s program to help customers partner with Patagonia to extend the life of their products. The idea is that repairing existing gear reduces the impact on the planet by cutting down on the need for new gear and the resources required to make it. The program provides resources for responsible care, repair, reuse and recycling of the items that people have purchased from Patagonia. And so far, it looks like people love it.

On Thursday, November 14, Worn Wear opened a pop-up store in Boulder, Colorado selling exclusively used and ReCrafted gear. The traditional Patagonia store is relocating to a larger space nearby, and the old location at 1212 Pearl Street is temporarily serving as a Worn Wear pop-up store.

The excitement and level of interest was impressive. For the majority of the evening, there was a line out the door of people waiting to get in. The store was packed and customers and Patagonia advocates were enjoying music, drinks and snacks… and buying used gear.

Customers were happily paying top dollar for items made out of repurposed goods. In addition to repaired and refreshed Patagonia items, they also offer a new line of ReCrafted gear. These are one-of-a-kind items made from deconstructed and upcycled materials. All of the Worn Wear items include Patagonia’s Ironclad Guarantee.

The buzz around Patagonia’s Worn Wear grand opening event in Boulder is testament to the growth and excitement around the circular economy. The success of the event further demonstrates the consumer interest in investing in more responsible and planet-friendly goods.

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