The Rio Chico by Native Trails

It’s a beautiful thing when art and functionality come together. The Rio Chico 16-guage hammered copper bar sink is a treat to look at and would be an even nicer treat to use while mixing up some cocktails for friends.

And while you practice your mixology, you could proudly tell your friends that the sink, handcrafted by Native Trails artisans, could either last a lifetime and outlive you and your friends or be 100% recycled – melted down to make a beautiful new copper piece.

Native Trails Copper Sink

Native Trails is a Certified B Corporation that was founded in San Luis Obispo, California in 1996 by Naomi Neilson. The company’s mission is to enrich people’s lives and enhance their living spaces by creating inspiring products that combine artisan craftsmanship with natural, sustainable materials. The company is now an industry leader in that space and Naomi continues to explore new offerings and travel the world searching for undiscovered artisans who could bring life to Native Trails’ designs.

Images via Native Trails. Pricing accurate at time of publication.