Would You Die for Your Idea? This Founder Almost Did.

For the Sunshine Nut Company, everything starts with the quality product. Founder Don Larson was determined to not generate sales just through a great story, but a truly great product that is the best in the market. That’s achieved by staying local in Mozambique. Their cashews are grown locally by smallholder farmers on family plots and then roasted and packaged in Mozambique. According to the company, this ensures the cashews are fresh and tasty.

It seems to work, because the cashews are great. In particular, I recommend the Roasted with a Spark of Spice cashews. I love them for outdoor adventures because they don’t melt or freeze, they’re a good blend of protein, carbs and fats, and the spice mix makes for a tasty snack.

Sunshine Nut Co. Cashews

But the real reason to fall in love with these cashews is not just because they’re a tasty snack, but because of the story and vision of the Sunshine Nut Co., which is a Certified B Corporation. They set a high mark for what values-driven business are able to accomplish with its quadruple bottom line model, which delivers results that are financial, environmental, social and transformational.

To better understand this model, and to be truly inspired, you need to check out Founder & CEO Don Larson’s 2015 Ted Talk. In it, he describes how he came to start the Sunshine Nut company. While some of the talk is about the origins of the company, its mission and how it supports the local people and economy, what makes the talk so impactful is Don’s message about living an abundant life by finding an idea you’re willing to die for. Pulling people out of poverty through his business venture is Don’s. And he almost did. Check it out – it may just be the best 15 minutes you ever spend on Youtube.

Images via Sunshine Nut Company. Pricing accurate at time of publication.

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