If you’re going to invest in a good pair of headphones, why not get ones that look as amazing as they sound? LSTN’s Troubador wireless headphones have an incredible aesthetic thanks to the real wood housing that makes each pair unique. Add in chrome and black vegan leather to round out the contemporary look and you’ve got some over-ear headphones that will make you excited to show them off in public. They also boast some nice features like 8+ hours of battery life, built-in microphone, and 40mm custom neodymium drivers.

LSTN Troubadour Headphones

When people inevitably ask you what brand makes your beautiful headphones, you can proudly tell them they’re made by LSTN, a purpose-driven company who’s mission is to change lives through the power of music. LSTN partners with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to provide hearing aids to people in need all over the world. According to LSTN’s 2018 Impact Report, in 5 years the company has given the gift of hearing to over 30,000 people.

Images courtesy of LSTN Sound Co. Pricing accurate at time of publication.

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