This blog relies heavily on the ratings and information of the great organizations below to ensure the gear and businesses being shared, reviewed or discussed have been vetted by independent, third parties.

To be clear, Gear and Good is doing the easy work here. The heavy lifting is being done by these dedicated organizations committed to vetting and validating business and the impact they have on the world around us. These organizations hold business accountable, initiate advocacy, inform consumers, and set the standards for which modern businesses should be striving.

Please check out and support the organizations below for yourself. In addition to becoming a more informed consumer, you can help support organizations and brands that are themselves changing the world for the better and putting pressure on businesses that need to improve.

B Lab logo

B Lab

B Lab is the nonprofit organization behind B Corporation certification, which is an independent assessment that measures a company’s social and environmental performance. B Lab’s mission is to serve a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

Conscious Company logo

Conscious Company

Conscious Company Media produces a magazine, stories, education, events and a membership community dedicated to doing business better. The company’s purpose is to redefine success in business in service of all life and the long-term vision is that by 2030, all business will be conscious business.

Done Good logo


DoneGood’s mission is to make it quick, easy and affordable to use our purchasing power for good. It is a one-stop shop for finding companies you can feel good about supporting.

Ethical Consumer logo

Ethical Consumer

Ethical Consumer is a UK-based organization that has been around since 1989 and provides tools and resources to make ethical choices simple, informed and effective. Its mission is to make global business more sustainable through consumer pressure.

Eco Cult logo

Eco Cult

EcoCult is the sustainable fashion blog of journalist and all-around badass Alden Wicker. As a journalist, Alden thoroughly researches her content, challenges pseudo-facts and the status quo, and is a huge proponent of the idea that conscious consumerism is one small piece of the puzzle and advocacy and support of nonprofits are hugely important in any effort to make the world a better place.

Good on You logo

Good on You

Good on You provides ratings of fashion brands based on how good they are for people, planet and animals. It also provides stories and tips, as well as an app you can use to discover new brands or check to see how your favorite fashion brands measure up.