Taylor Stitch makes clothing for the long haul and that haul just got a little longer with the launch of Restitch. To further extend the life of its apparel and to keep their garments out of landfills, they just rolled out a new program to buy back used Taylor Stitch items in good condition, repair them, and sell the Restitch items at a lower price than the comparable brand new items.

The repaired items available for sale are placed into three categories to help identify what type of condition they’re in: good as new, lightly worn and well worn. Each item includes a note to help identify what aspect of the item is worn out, for example, a broken button or fading.

While growing in popularity with outdoor gear brands like Patagonia, The North Face and REI, the repair and resale model is not yet widely adopted with lifestyle brands. Taylor Stitch has been committed to challenging the way the clothing industry operates, and this new program puts them in a small but growing list of companies that are reimagining what sustainable businesses can look like.

Images via Taylor Stitch.

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