In an era when custom and bespoke items are becoming more popular, Cotopaxi’s take on one-of-a-kind-gear could not be more refreshing. Every item in the Del Dia collection is a 100% unique combination of colors chosen by the employee at the factory in the Philippines who is actually constructing the item. Each item is made from a unique combination of remnant materials, resulting in a piece of gear that minimizes waste and is one-of-a-kind.

Cotopaxi Batac 16L Backpack

The Batac 16L Daypack is one of several packs in the Del Dia collection that stands out due to its versatility. A perfect lightweight day pack, it features a number of pockets for separating your gear and water bottles. The bag doesn’t include extra padding or features that take up space, and the shoulder straps are simple and light, yet still quite comfortable. Add in the structureless design, and the Batac is very light and takes up little to no space when empty and packed down. This makes it perfect as a travel bag that can serve as a light carry-on, or be thrown into a larger checked bag for local exploration at your destination.

On the Cotopaxi website, you can select your own unique design, or select “Surprise Me” and they’ll choose for you!

Cotopaxi is a certified B Corporation who’s credo is “Do Good”. The company practices the credo by utilizing fair, sustainable working conditions, working to incorporate recycled materails and putting 1% of profits toward addressing poverty and community development.

As business leaders, we need to do more for people and the planet. As consumers, we need to demand more of corporations and do more to support those that do good.

– Davis smith, Cotpaxi CEO

The Del Dia collection is a line dedicated to further bringing Cotopaxi’s values-driven commitments to the forefront. Each unique design showcases how minimizing waste by utilizing remnant materials can actually be executed at scale. The unique designs are also a beautiful reflection of how Cotopaxi empowers and cares for the teams at its factories.

Images via Cotopaxi. Pricing accurate at time of publication.

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