If you’re in need of a cruelty-free vegan leather men’s belt option that looks as good as, if not better than, belts from traditional brands your options have never been better. But before we dive in, what makes a vegan leather belt great?

The best vegan leather men’s belts look and feel like real leather and are made to last, featuring high quality materials, stitching and craftsmanship. They also utilize the most eco friendly materials like Tecknik–Leather, upcycled vinyl or Ecolabel Certified microfiber. And they are made in workshops and facilities that have earned fair labor and sustainability credentials.

Let’s check out some of the best vegan leather men’s belts and the cruelty-free brands that are making them.

Will’s Vegan

Will’s Vegan creates ethical vegan products made in Italy & Portugal under European Union employment that follow discrimination, health and safety law.  The company’s online vegan store operates a plastic free carbon neutral supply chain using sustainable materials. 

All of the Will’s Vegan leather products look like real, high quality leather and are just beautiful. The company offers a solid range of belt styles from casual to more formal.

Watson & Wolfe

Watson & Wolfe makes vegan bags, belts, wallets and other accessories using sustainable materials. Their materials are made using less chemicals and less water and are produced in factories that have eco and sustainability credentials. The brand’s vegan leather belts have three layers, a base faux nubuck, a lining and a top layer of hard wearing microfiber vegan leather. Watson & Wolf also offers some impressively stylish belts made from cork.


Brave GentleMan

Brave Gentleman makes a full range of men’s vegan apparel and accessories from shoes and belts to bags and suits. Featuring upscale, sophisticated designs, the brand was named Menswear Brand of the Year and Most Influential Designer by PETA. For its elegant vegan leather belts, Brave Gentleman uses Italian-milled “future-leather” which is a high-tech, EU Ecolabel Certified, PU-based microfiber.


Doshi FCSA

Doshi FCSA (Fine Clothes Shoes and Accessories) offers vegan bags, briefcases, belts, backpacks, wallets and accessories for women and men. The brand offers a nice range of vegan leather belts at a very reasonable price.  Doshi FCSA uses microfiber for its vegan leather, which the company claims is higher quality and better replicates the feel of leather than standard PU vegan leather.



Every NAE product is environmentally friendly, made with ecological, sustainable, and recycled materials. NAE stands for No Animal Exploitation. Their mission is to propose an animal-friendly and ecological alternative against human exploitation. Their men’s belts are hand stitched in Spain from ecological microfiber.


Von Holzhausen

Von Holzhaousen’s vegan leather men’s belts look amazing and feature a contemporary and sophisticated design.  The belts are vegan leather, contain no formaldehyde or chromium and are easy to clean.

Von Holzhaousen sells men’s and women’s accessories made from Tecknik–Leather, an animal free and sustainable leather alternative made from recycled plastic that looks and feels like real leather. Tecknik-Leather is water, stain and scratch resistant, is lightweight and has a low carbon footprint.


The Vegan Collection

The Vegan Collection makes vegan clothing and accessories and is committed to providing cruelty free products at reasonable prices. A portion of all profits are donated to organizations that advocate for animals. The brand offers classic looking belts perfect for semi-formal or casual wear.



Couch started out making guitar straps so it’s pretty logical that as the brand expanded its product line it would include belts. All of their products are vegan, made in America, and are often made from found and repurposed auto upholstery vinyl. 

The brand offers some of the more creative vegan belts that you can find. They have classic looking brown or black vegan leather, or more colorful houndstooth designs made from auto upholstery vinyl.


Truth Belts

Truth Belts has been making vegan belts in Canada since 2001. They have expanded to produce t-shirts, wallets and other accessories as well.  The brand offers a broad selection of vegan leather belts. And for their Belt of Orion specifically, one tree will be planted for every belt sold.


Access Denied

Access Denied makes high quality, reasonably priced accessories for men and women. 

Most of the brand’s belts are leather, but they do offer a vegan leather men’s belt that looks great. It is made of extremely soft and durable vegan leather and is reversible. The belt can also stretch an extra 2 inches while keeping its shape and form.

Images via brands.

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