Every guy needs a good wallet. Unfortunately, many wallets are made from materials and by companies that don’t support sustainability. Fortunately, there are some beautiful and innovative sustainable options. So what are the most sustainable wallets for men?

The most sustainable men’s wallets minimize their impact on the environment by using eco-friendly materials made from a range of sources including teak, banana leaves, Appleskin, cork, hemp, and PET made from recycled water bottles. Many wallet brands feature the use of upcycled materials include recycled bike tires, billboards, feed bags, cement bags, boat sails and kite sails. Vegan leather wallets also offer an alternative to traditional leather.

Let’s take a look at some of the best wallets made with eco friendly materials, upcycled material and vegan leather men’s wallets available today and explore what makes them great.

Wallets Made From Eco Friendly Materials


Because Corkor makes all of its products from certified cork, they are all 100% animal free and bear the PETA-approved vegan certification. The wallets feel and behave like leather, and while some have that natural cork look, many of the wallets look like real leather. Portugese artisans hand-craft every piece in Corkor’s workshop, which guarantees their craftsmanship and quality. The wallets are RFID-blocking and feature a 2-year warranty.


Ekster designs intuitive everyday carry products like wallets, phone cases and accessories designed for efficiency. They’ve developed unique and innovative wallets, including a built-in aluminum cardholder that both makes your cards easily accessible when desired and also blocks RFID.

Ekster’s recycled collection uses vegan leather made from scrapped vehicle windshields. The biodegradable material is scratch-resistant, water resistant, feels like leather and can be recycled when the product is no longer useful.


Finisterre is a Certified B Corporation, committed to using business as a force for good. They do not use any single use plastic and are committed to using sustainable packaging. They also offer a repair service to extend the life of their products, use natural and regenerated fibers, and provide full supply chain transparency.

The Finisterre Ridge Wallet is an eco-friendly, zipped wallet for active men. The wallet is made from ripstop fabric made from 100% recycled polyester.

Green Banana Paper

Green Banana Paper makes natural banana fiber wallets in Kosrae, Micronesia. They extract fibers from sustainably sourced banana trees grown at local farms to create a leather-like paper material that is lightweight, tear-resistant, biodegradable and naturally water resistant.

The eco-friendly company uses solar power and rainwater that it collects. It has recycled over 350,000 lbs of waste banana trees and it re-uses waste plant material as soil additives in its banana farm. The great looking wallets feature designs inspired by the islands and include a one-year warranty.


Groundtruth was founded by three sisters who started in documentary film and eventually saw the opportunity to design problem-solving travel goods that drive positive change. They’re working towards reducing plastic pollution and improving people’s lives by providing travel products made from 100% recycled plastic. Groundtruth works with bluesign®-certified manufacturers who adhere to the Global Recycled Standard.

The RIKR Travel Wallet features water-repellent, stain-resistant, rip-proof, tactile and breathable material. Each wallet removes 8 plastic bottles from our environment and is packaged in a 100% biodegradable cassava bag.


Luxtra makes designer bags, backpacks, totes, cross body bags, wallets, card holders, t-shirts and face masks that are 100% vegan and made with sustainable materials. Their men’s billfold wallets and cardholders are made from AppleSkin, a leather alternative made from (you guessed it) apples. The wallets are waterproof and PETA approved. Made in Italy, these eco friendly wallets are crazy stylish and boast some awesome designs.


Paperwallet uses bags and wallets as a unique canvas for artists. The company makes all of its products from durable Tyvek® paper printed with art from its network of artists who earn money every time one of their designs sells.

What is Tyvek®?   You know those thin white suits worn in labs and by painters? That’s it! It’s also used for medical packaging, building supplies, industrial packaging, envelopes and more.  The material is made of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers and is 100% recyclable and can be turned into products like park benches and playground equipment. It is lightweight, durable, and breathable, but is also resistant to water, abrasion, and aging.


Tentree is a sustainable apparel brand offering everything from men’s, womens and kids clothing to accessories like masks and wallets. They sell RFID-blocking wallets and card holders made from sustainable materials including cork, 100% REPREVE Polyester and hemp. 

For every product sold, Tentree partners with charitable organizations across the world plant ten trees and rehabilitate natural ecosystems. To date, Tentree has helped plant over 50 million trees and has a goal of one billion trees planted by 2030.


Tree Tribe is an outdoor lifestyle brand that gives back to the Earth by planting trees.  They offer a range of apparel, sunglasses, water bottles and wallets. Their wallets are made from an innovative plant-based leather alternative called leaf leather that is sustainably harvested Teak or Banana leaves.  The material is strong and textured like traditional leather but has a cool, earthy look. And Tree Tribe plants a tree for every wallet purchased.

Wallets Made From Upcycled Materials

Alchemy Goods

Alchemy Goods turns upcycle bike materials into new and functional products like backpacks, totes, belts and wallets. All of their products are sewn and made in Seattle, WA. They collect bike tubes and discarded materials from a network of bike shops, businesses and individuals. Alchemy Goods has a range of billfold, card holder and zip wallets made from bike tubes, vegan leather, or upcycled billboard material.


Couch started out making guitar straps and now makes a full range of straps, wallets, belts and bags. All of their products are vegan, made in America, and are often made from found and repurposed auto upholstery vinyl.

The company makes amazing looking wallets from a creative range of materials including high quality Portuguese cork, vegan leather and even vinyl used to upholster 1970 Volkswagen Beetles. If you want a sustainable wallet with style that rocks, Couch is your obvious choice.

Elvis & Kresse

Elvis and Kresse turn upcycled raw materials into luxury lifestyle accessories and donates 50% of profits to charities. The brand makes amazing looking wallets from hand-woven rescued leather, decommissioned fire hose, reclaimed printing blankets, and upcycled parachute silk.


Felvarrom collects discarded bike tubes and tires from local bike shops and individuals to hand sew soft,durable wallets. All upcycled materials are hand washed before production and strong, colorful linen tape is hand sewn to give the product style and durability. Felvarrom offers belts, bags, wallets and more.


Flowfold started in Maine with one wallet and grew to bags, backpacks, totes, pouches, and dog gear. That first wallet was made from discarded sailcloth and a vision was born. The company now makes a range of products focusing on minimalism, quality and durability. Their great looking wallets are highly functional. They are extremely, slim, light weight, durable, water repellent and backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Green Guru is a Certified B Corporation that has Gold Level status with the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program.  The company makes its outdoor adventure products out of upcycled materials obtained mostly from recycling stations.  They have a full catalog of sustainable, locally made adventure gear made out of materials like used bike tubes, wet suits and billboard materials. 

GreenGuru’s ID Card Wallet is made of upcycled bicycle inner tubes. The rubber tube material stretches to hold all you can put in it and returns to its original size when emptied.


Looptoworks makes great looking limited edition products from one of the most creative collections of upcycled materials including kitesurfing sails, NBA jerseys, fly fishing waders and more. Their card wallets are made from leather jackets and airline seat covers from Horizon and Delta air. You have to give them credit, not only are they keeping waste out of landfills, they can actually make you love an airline seat!

Malia Designs

Malia Designs was created to support organizations that fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia and increase economic opportunity for women in Cambodia. The company connects artisans to Western markets, expanding their access to sustainable income and safe and dignified working conditions.

They offer a line of wallets made from recycled feed bags and cement bags.  The wallets look unique and exotic and keep the upcycled bags from going in the trash.


Rareform upcycles billboard vinyl and turns it into unique bags and accessories. The company has repurposed over 3 million pounds of vinyl headed for landfills.They  use scrap pieces to make their smallest products, like keychains, to ensure the most minimal amount of waste. The billboards are cut and sewn in Agoura Hills, CA and Rareform’s factories are audited and certified for fair, safe, and ethical working conditions. 

Because the graphics on billboards are different, each piece is one of a kind. Rareform sells each individually so you can choose which style and design you like best. Billboard vinyl makes great wallets because the material is light, durable, waterproof and vegan.

Recycled Firefighter

Recycled Firefighter is a company founded by a firefighter to make wallets, bags and other EDC (every day carry) gear out of decommissioned fire hoses.  Hand-made in Louisville, Kentucky, the wallets are rugged and very durable. The company has recycled and repurposed over 15,000 feet of decommissioned fire hose from around the U.S saving over 20 tons from landfills.


Torrain makes sustainable wallets and other accessories for travel and adventure.  Their products are made from durable, lightweight and water-resistant material from upcycled bags originally used for feed, cement, rice, malt, wheat, and a range of other products. 

Upcycling keeps the bags out of landfills and makes for surprisingly creative and colorful products. And for every item sold, $1 goes toward organizations supporting a range of causes like emergency relief, humanitarian aid and equal justice.


Wozwaste is reincarnating rubbish. They make a broad range of products from bags and wallets to jewelry and wallets. The list of upcycled materials they use is creative and broad, including advertising banners, aluminum cans, coconut shells, inner tubes, tires, toothbrushes, and even toothpaste tubes. Their billfold wallets and card holders are made from upcycled innertubes.

Wallets Made From Vegan Leather

Access Denied

Access Denied makes high quality, reasonably priced accessories for men and women. Their wallets are handmade, RFID-blocking, and they offer a line of vegan leather wallets. The lineup includes everything from money clips to trifolds, card holders and bifolds.

Doshi FCSA

Doshi FCSA (Fine Clothes Shoes and Accessories) offers vegan bags, briefcases, belts, backpacks, wallets and accessories for women and men.  The company has a range of different types of wallets (tri-fold, card holder, passport, etc) many of which include RFID protection. 

Doshi FCSA uses microfiber for its vegan leather, which the company claims is higher quality and better replicates the feel of leather than standard PU vegan leather. The company also offers a tri-fold wallet made from eco-friendly cork.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Natt is committed to not using leather or any other animal based materials in its designs. The brand offers everything from belts and bags to footwear and wallets. The company has explored a broad range of animal free materials including PU leather, PVB which is made from recycled windshield resin, fruit skin fibers and material from recycled plastic bottles. Matt & Natt recycles over 9 million plastic bottles annually in the production of its products. The brand offers classic and timeliness vegan men’s wallet designs.


NAE stands for No Animal Exploitation. Their mission is to propose an animal-friendly and ecological alternative against human exploitation. Their shoes and accessories are manufactured in certified and ethical factories in Portugal. And every NAE product is environmentally friendly, made with ecological, sustainable, and recycled materials. Their wallets are hand stitched from ecological microfiber.

Pretty Simple

Pretty Simple makes bags and accessories from a sustainable vegan leather material called Washable Paper. It is made in Europe under FSC Certification and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Washable paper is developed from natural plant fibers and guaranteed non-harmful substances in the production process from start to finish. The material mimics the look and function of animal leather but of course is totally cruelty-free. The wallets look great, are water resistant and PETA-approved.

Von Holzhausen

Von Holzhaousen sells men’s and women’s accessories made from Tecknik–Leather, an animal free and sustainable leather alternative made from recycled plastic that looks and feels like real leather. Tecknik-Leather is water, stain and scratch resistant, is lightweight and has a low carbon footprint. Von Holzhausen men’s wallets come in fold style or card holders.

The Vegan Collection

The Vegan Collection makes vegan clothing and accessories and is committed to providing cruelty free products at reasonable prices. A portion of all profits are donated to organizations that are advocates for animals. They offer a great selection of wallets made from synthetic microfiber and canvas.

Watson & Wolf

Watson & Wolfe makes vegan bags, belts, wallets and other accessories using sustainable materials. Their materials are made using less chemicals and less water and are produced in factories that have eco and sustainability credentials. The wallets feature a vegan PU leather top layer and an interior lined with PET fabric made from recycled water bottles.

Will’s Vegan

Since 2012 Will’s Vegan has been been creating ethical vegan products made in Italy & Portugal under European Union employment which follows discrimination, health and safety law.  The company’s online vegan store operates a plastic free carbon neutral supply chain using sustainable materials.

Its beautiful vegan wallets are handmade with Italian vegan leather made from plants. The vegan leather is created with bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops grown in a carbon neutral process.

Images via brands.

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