Patagonia Responsibili-Tee

The Next Evolution of Patagonia T-Shirts

The Patagonia Responsibili-Tee® Patagonia has made another move away from chemically treated cotton with the new Responsibili-Tee®. The shirts are made from 100% recycled fabric. 4.8 plastic bot... Read More

Taylor Stitch Launches Restitch

Taylor Stitch makes clothing for the long haul and that haul just got a little longer with the launch of Restitch. To further extend the life of its apparel and to keep their garments out of landfi... Read More
Nevaditas Wine Boots

On Sale: Artisan-Made Leather Boots

Leather boots need to cost a fortune, right? Wrong. The beautiful artisan made boots created by Handmade Matters are all pretty much under $200 and they offer free shipping worldwide on all orders. ... Read More
Indosole ESSNTLS Sandals

Put Some Tread Under Your Feet

Get ready for spring with some classic beach gear. The Indosole ESSNTLS Flip Flops feature ENVRO fiber straps and soles that are made from 100% re-purposed rubber tires. Add in a contoured natural r... Read More
Taylor Stitch California Shirt

The Perfect Every Day Shirt

Who doesn't want a shirt responsibly built for the long haul? Taylor Stitch designs clothes made to transition with you through every phase of your day and that are built to last, so you can priori... Read More